Exam season #1 : The dreadful occasion.

Exam season is just horrendous. Period.

There’s nothing more aggravating in this world than having to cram a whole year’s worth of work into 2 weeks, or worse yet, the night before. At the age of 15 years, society expects us to take on this pressure and perform exceptionally; yes, education is vital and important to one’s self development, but there’s a limit.

I enjoy learning all this new information and I truly believe that knowledge is such a powerful tool that anyone can/should use in daily life. This knowledge that each student obtains that help them change the world, mend their lives and build their careers. Now that all the sunny part’s out of the way, let’s get to business. I reiterate, at 15 years of age, we make vital choices of IGCSE’s, then a year later, we choose our subjects that lead to uni, be it A-Level or IB. How are we supposed to know what we want to do at university? What if we make the wrong choice? What if we are stuck with the incorrect option we foolishly chose at this fragile age that lead to a life of misery? No one, and I mean NO ONE thinks about us students. Don’t get me wrong, learning and testing are two different things. When it comes to testing, students get flabbergasted and choose to memorize information as opposed to enjoy and learn it, which goes against the fundamental principles of education. If we actually enjoyed learning the information, we would be so much better at absorbing it, applying it to real situations and living a stress free life (which infact, is the number one killer).

And the irony is that, those who are fortunate enough to obtain education, are the ones who are more likely to drop out and not understand its value. Education is a beautiful, beautiful thing, if correctly taught and pursued. I advocate having exams later, and when we are more ready.

Well this is my first post and there’s more to this on the way. What do you guys’ think about exam season? Dread or love it? No judgement here.

Looking forward to more,




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