Dazzling Da Nang: Day 1

Da Nang: The city of bridges, rivers, beaches, resorts and much more. The following blogs take a shot at explaining why the breath taking region of central Vietnam is a must visit, at least once.

Our family recently took a trip to this picturesque beauty, and I must say, even words don’t do it justice.

From Saigon to Da Nang, the 1 hour and 15 minute journey by flight was a nature freak’s dream come true, with scenery that emphasized nature’s effortlessness.

^Vietnam Airlines flight 👌

It made me think to myself, I should really start appreciating nature, no? But instead, I was dozing off to some light music throughout the whole flight.

^ Unbelievable scenery

Once we finally landed, the airport formalities were taken care of and in no time, we were in the car, on the way to the hotel I had been fantasizing about the last few nights.

As we walked into the ‘Pullman’ resort, I admired the sheer perfection of the surroundings and furniture, only to be told that our room had not been ready. What a way to interrupt my near perfect movie scene. As we waited eagerly for our rooms to be prepared, we made our way to the restaurant called Epice, and being the impatient person I am, I had pre-researched Epice, having memorized the menu and the atmosphere. To my surprise, it had surpassed all of my expectations.

^ Pullman’s view of the beach and the greenery.

The food was delicious, vegan and vegetarian friendly, although you would have to wait quite a while; after all, they do say that good things happen to those who wait right? Well that was certainly the case with us. We ordered a wide range of food, from spicy tofu to pesto penne.

Exhausted and tired, we decided to lounge around in the hotel and make the most of all it had to offer. There were a plethora of activities, including a glistening pool, a private beach, a fitness center for those health conscious ones, and a long pathway for those who  fancy validation through a minor rise on their pedometer (totally not me!). Though to be honest, as much as I know I shouldn’t, I spent 70% of the time in the Business Center, having grabbed the opportunity to get cracking at the keyboard and write this blog (wink, wink!).

Almost instantly, dinner came around. I had decided to eat light to enjoy a hefty, hearty breakfast the next morning. And believe or not, my idea of ‘light’, was freshly fried nachos along with a cheeseboard with a larger variety of food than I can name. Though, I must admit, I did enjoy it and this led to an even better sleep.

For a first day, Da Nang has definitely impressed me and I look forward to a more eventful day tomorrow!

Peace xoxo,



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