An Introduction

Hello, beings of Planet 🌎 . To start off, my name is Sara. I've only recently come to my senses and realized what a beautiful creation a blog can be. Hence, I've named mine the Visual Ticket. Its purpose is to basically give you, the people staring at this screen an insight into my world, where I share recipes, meals and the pictures of the scenery that I view from places I've visited, which bring me (and will hopefully give you) utter satisfaction. See, what I'm trying to bring to life here, is the concept where you don't need to move a step into any direction to experience something in another part of the world, at least visually. Currently, I have no previous experience of writing blogs, but I am an open book here, and wish to make my sphere of influence, accessible to you!

So I'm guessing you'd like to know a bit about me before reading on otherwise this situation would resemble a stranger babbling at your front porch. I'm 15 now, but will be turning 16 in 24 days, but who's counting? I read many blogs, watch many vlogs and finally decided to start my own. One thing about me that I believe is crucial and needs a special mention, is that I hate reading. Absolutely find it horrendous. However, when the piece I'm reading speaks to me and grabs my attention, I refuse to put it away. For example, I read the Fault in our Stars in exactly 2.5 hours, but could not stand reading the Blood Red City. Thus, I'd like this blog to speak to you personally, as opposed to bore you indefinitely.

Obviously, I won't be traveling all the time, which would inevitably cost a fortune, thereby when I'm home, I'll create "What I Eat In A day"s or "Favourite books" or Monthly favourites, and I promise (not legally) to keep you hooked (on to the screen of course).

Well, I hope you decide to "visit" me very soon, when I post again!

(p.s this meal is one of the my favourite ones ever!)


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